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Sports Day

Sports Day

I lost wealth I lost some , I lost relations I lost some, I lost health I lost the whole,

It's a famous quote in tamil that replicates the importance of health, we celebrated in a grand manner the sports day in our chandy polytechnic college, the important thing is to participate than to win, students from all the departments participated eagerly and with sportsmanship in our sports day function held on January the eleventh of 2013.

An eagle view of our college play ground

With the guidance of our physical education master and with the aid of the staff members our students made up the real deal of making such a wonderful play ground for our sports day.

So who's going to tie the knot, Here comes the prizes for the students whom they are going to participate and win the events.

Prizes were arranged, and the concerned persons for distributing the prizes are needed, here comes our staff members whom they took their own interest and gave away the prizes , it also motivated and cheered up the other participants too.

Various sports events such as 100m dash, 100 m heat, 200 m dash, 800 m running, 1500 m running , 5000 m running, shot put, discuss throw, javelin throw, long jump , high jump, cricket, soccer, volleyball, kabbadi were conducted for the students and prizes were given accordingly,

Sports event for staff members were conducted too, starting with cricket, volleyball and tug of war came interesting by placing all the bachelor staffs in one side against the married staff members, ladies staff were also participated in their respective sports event such as ring ball and throw ball.

On the other track during our sports day function we celebrated SAMATHUVA PONGAL in our college premises, inaugurated by our chairman MR.Selvaraj

With the centre attraction of our traditional celebrations and cheer up by the crowd the pongal pot finally reveals the nature for this celebration

Sweet pongal was given to all the student and staff members by our chairman MR.Selvaraj, gave the definition of SAMATHUVA PONGAL by this act.

With the co operation of the faculties , the students and all those who strive to keep this function the best comes as best with the blessing of eternal lord,here ends the sports day function of 2013 and we were waiting for this to happen a step more in the oncoming years.

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