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Rules & Regulations

  • Students are required to be regular and punctual to their classes.
  • Perfect order and silence should be maintained within the I.T.I. premises. Indiscipline, misconduct or irregularity will render a trainee liable for suitable punishment.
  • Trainees should not loiter about on the verandah or open space and should not gather in groups in front of the class room and other places thereby causing inconvenience.
  • They must be present in their respective seats in their classes at the stroke of the bell indicating the commencement of the class work.
  • In the class room when the instructor enters all the trainees in the class should stand up and remain standing until they are asked to take their respective seats.
  • If, due to any unavoidable circumstances, a trainee happens to come late, he must wait at the entrance of the class room till he is permitted by the instructor to enter the class. Late comers may be refused admission to the class.
  • No trainee shall leave the class room during the class hour without the permission of the concerned instructor leaving the hall without the permission of the instructor may entail loss of attendance for the period.
  • No trainee shall be absent from the classes without applying for leave and getting the leave sanctioned by the Principal. Leave application should be addressed to the Principal and sent through the concerned instructors.
  • Every trainee is responsible for the safety care and proper use of tools, apparatus and equipment during practical training and also the furniture. Incase of damage to any of these, either the cost of replacement or charge for repairs as found necessary will be recovered from the concerned trainee or trainees.
  • Trainees should provide themselves with text books, drawing equipments, etc., different subjects as prescribed. They should be regular in submission of home-work, assignment and laboratory records, etc., as may be incidental to their studies. The instructors will check these records and initial in token thereof.
  • For admission to the Annual Examination conducted by the NCVT, a trainee should have satisfactorily completed the prescribed course of study and should have put in not less than 80% of attendance of the total number of working hours separately in each of theory, drawing and practical classes during the year.
  • Periodical class tests and Sessional examinations in the subject taught will be conducted during the year. Absence at such tests and Examinations is liable to be punished suitably.
  • A trainee who is found to be guilty of any malpractice in the tests or examinations is liable to be punished suitably.
  • Trainees are expected to attend classes in clean uniforms keeping with the dignity of a professional institution like our I.T.I.
  • While attending practical classes, trainees should wear tight fitting clothes Tucked in and suitable footwear (shoes).
  • The class teacher will watch the progress in studies and conduct of each student and maintain a record for each trainee under his charge

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